Galería Liliana Castillo Resendiz houses prints produced by documentarians and artists associated with the /CRONISTAS/ Digital Media Collective. Unless otherwise noted, all pieces are numbered, professionally printed on acid-free, archival quality paper and, if opted for, are mounted in museum quality frames with non-reflective glass.

Each artist determines the number of prints available for each image and their asking price. While we generally make lower resolution digital copies of all prints available to the public for free under a Free Culture Creative Commons license, images sold as limited edition prints in the gallery will not be re-issued beyond the initial run.

The images and artworks on this site document material and subjective social and political conditions that we have encountered, experienced and interpreted. While we would never discount the power of artistic and documentary images to both inform and affect cultural and political change, we also do not for a moment believe that the act of creating and distributing an image is sufficient, is a laudable goal in and of itself, or is ever all that we can do. Rather, we dream of and are each committed to the revolutionary change of oppressive and exploitative social relations, and the creation, distribution and sale of each image is but only a part of that greater task.

Yet, it is a crucial one, as the sale of each print helps finance the work of each artist, our collective projects, and collective donations to from-below political campaigns and movements that we are able to help support. Sixty percent of each purchase goes to the artist,  20 percent to collective projects, 10 percent to a political support fund and 10 percent to the Fundación Liliana Castillo Resendiz.  Galería Liliana Castillo Resendiz seeks to be more than a repository of static images, but rather a part of the process of transforming them into living ones—a legitimate way to contribute, regardless of how small that contribution may be, to the building of a new society in the shell of the old. And a means for coalescing into each day, the joys and struggles, both public and private, that comprise the history of our resistance and compel us forward toward a free world.